Our exceptional trainers will put you on a new path.

At t3, our trainers have extensive field experience. Our practical, hands-on learning instills best practices where you work.

Reach full potential to help the people you serve.

t3 brings new knowledge and skills to human services and health care. Our interactive, experiential approach builds deep capacity to help those who need it most.

Deeper learning comes from the right approach.

At t3, we match our approach with your training needs. Building on skills and strengths you already have, we take your work to a higher level.

Why Choose Us?

t3 instills best practices using real world trainers supported by state-of-the-art learning tools. Our customized approach builds on your existing strengths and skills to reach your training goals on your schedule.

Creative Thinking

We adapt and optimize our skills-based training to meet your unique workplace challenges. 

Innovative Teaching

We blend the best in online and onsite training to ensure lasting learning that matters.

Transformative Results

We transform organizations and communities by teaching essential skills reinforced by personal coaching and communities of practice. 

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What Are Our Courses & Offerings?

Knowlege @ Work

Our innovative online, self-paced learning tools offer on-demand access to engaging, case-based knowledge.

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Online Courses

Our web-based, instructor-led courses offer deep, real-time learning from skilled instructors and fellow learners. 

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Blended Learning

We combine the convenience of online learning with the power of expert, face-to-face training. 

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How Does Custom Training Work?

Transformation happens when passionate people engage in flexible learning over time. Our t3 training is tailored for your agency.

1. Expert online and onsite training to address your specific needs. 
2. Training sessions on your schedule.
3. Deep engagement using peer-to-peer learning and ongoing t3 support.

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Why Become A Member?

As your staff changes, keep up with individual training needs.

t3 membership offers ongoing flexible access to premium training resources. t3 members receive unlimited access to our library of Knowledge @ Work online units and discounts for our instructor-led courses. You'll receive personal consultation with expert t3 trainers to make the most of your t3 membership. Learn more today.

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Number of Staff Membership Cost
1-25 Staff $1,000
26-50 staff $2,500
51-100 staff $5,000
101-250 staff $7,500
Over 250 staff Custom pricing

How Can You Get Started?

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